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We can deliver regular treatment for your staff to reduce stress and improve productivity.

Only 15 minutes of massage per week helps you and your business by keeping your staff happy and healthy, which increases productivity and performance, and saves you money.
When employees are thriving, business thrives as well.

Please note Corporate packages are not currently available (1/8/23)

Testimonials From Resn Wellington 

is a creative agency with a digital obsession.

"At Resn the highlight of the week is a relaxing massage from Natalie.  Working in a high stress environment, the weekly workplace massage from Natalie relieves tension, increases staff productivity and helps everyone perform at their best.  The team returns to work relaxed and more productive - and most importantly it reflects a sense of their value at Resn.
Natalie really targets the needs of each individual person and helps reduce shoulder tension that can build up over long periods sitting at a desk.  Natalie is a friendly, highly skilled professional and is very attuned to where therapy is required.  I have no hesitation recommending her business to any person or business considering corporate massage.  It's such a wonderful strategy to reward high performing staff and to relieve stress in the workplace".
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