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Facial Gua Sha Massage



Facial Gua Sha Massage involves massaging the face with a Gua sha (pronounced 'Gwah Sah') stone.  The stones used are often made from high quality jade or rose quartz and come in special shapes that help cradle your face.  Facial gua sha massage is commonly used in clinic not only for cosmetic and beauty purposes but also for stress, anxiety and tension.  As our practitioners are trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, they will activate acupressure points along your face as they work and release areas of your neck and décolletage.

Many different massage techniques may be incorporated with the stones.  Sometimes facial rollers are also used.  Using these tools enable the practitioner to work deeper into the face muscles and fascia than using the fingers alone.  Different shapes enable your therapist to get in to small facial areas to help break up 'stagnation' there (such as around the lips or along the jaw line or brows).  Through this the practitioner can consciously release where you are tight.  Upward and outwards movements are used also with the intention of help encourage facial lifting.

Traditional Gua sha is a healing technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Sometimes called ‘coining, spooning or scraping’, Gua Sha is a technique that involves palpation and cutaneous stimulation where the skin is pressured or scraped in strokes with a round-edged instrument.  This results in the appearance of small red petechiae called 'sha', that will fade in 2 to 3 days.  Traditional Gua Sha may release fluids that contain metabolic waste and congest the surface tissues and muscles.  Gua Sha may promote circulation and normalize metabolic processes.  It can be a valuable treatment for some cases of both external and internal pain.

Please note that Facial Gua Sha Massage is by definition not actually Gua sha because it does NOT result in the appearance of 'sha' or red petechiae (dots) on the skin and is a much gentler treatment than traditional Gua sha.


Facial Gua sha massage and using facial rollers can result in similar benefits as other forms of massage and facial treatments which may include:


  • Increased blood circulation 

  • Improved skin blood flow

  • Improved vascular dilation response​

  • Relaxing tight facial muscles such as in the jaw area

  • Encouraging healing, circulation and lymphatic flow in your face

  •  Up-regulate the innate and adaptive immune functions of the skin.

If you feel tension around your face, jaw or between your brows then facial gua sha massage may be beneficial.  Gua Sha also can help improve microcirculation and is backed by a strong research base regarding its positive anti-inflammatory, immune and microcirculation effects and more.


This treatment is designed with relaxation and pampering in mind.  The practitioner will discuss with you what your intentions for the treatment are.  If you have cosmetic concerns or certain areas you wish to be worked on these will be outlined and taken into account.  In contrast if you are coming more for relaxation, anxiety, stress or facial tension the treatment will be tailored with this in mind.  Massage of the face, neck and shoulders and décolletage with a combination of hands, facial rollers and gua sha stones are included..  Acupressure points on the face to help relax the mind and encourage optimal Qi and Blood flow are incorporated to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  The therapist will likely apply a natural hydrating oil or serum treatment to your face at the end of your treatment.

Facial massage with gua sha stones and facial rollers is definitely not supposed to be painful and the skin should NOT be broken.  A gentle oil (such as jojoba, grapeseed, vitamin E) or other natural lubricant is used to allow the stone to move smoothly across your face.  Your practitioner will always check in with you on how much pressure you like and adjust accordingly.  Usually light to medium pressure is used.  The skin may appear slightly redder and feel warm temporarily due to increased blood flow to the skin.  Unlike traditional Gua sha, facial Gua sha treatment SHOULD NOT result in actual sha (red petechiae that looks like dots or a rash) on the face.  Patients commonly report relaxation, clearing of the mind and senses and a soothing sensation amongst other benefits. 

The clinic only uses high quality natural oils and waxes and facial gua sha stones such as those made from 100% pure and natural jade or rose quartz.  These should feel cool on the skin unlike artificial tools made from resin or other substances.   


Facial Gua sha Stone Massage should not be used over broken skin, active acne/wounds or in areas that have infection, tumours, cysts or have undergone recent botox or filler treatment.  

If you have sensitive skin or allergies please let the practitioner know to ensure the chosen oil/wax/serum is suitable to your skin.  (The clinic only uses gentle natural products.)



We use have high quality gua sha stones and facial rollers for in the clinic.  We also have these for sale on request individually or as gift sets.  Examples include those made from 100% natural Rose Quartz, Jade and other stones.  We do not use or sell lower quality 'stones' made from substances such as resin.  It is important to have the coolness of the real stones as part of the treatment.  This is partly because Gua Sha brings a lot of 'Yang' or warming energy to the surface of the body due to the increased blood flow.  The coolness of the stones helps balance this.



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